We provide resources for a successful start in French Immersion. With our program, you can help your child even if you don’t speak French.

The French Immersion and Core French programs offer a great opportunity for young children to learn another language and discover different cultures.

School programs are designed for children who haven’t learned French at home. However, students do benefit from exposure to French outside the classroom.

Combining kids’ love of technology, books and stories, we have created a resource which will give your budding Francophile a chance to hear stories and start to read in French.

With Immersion Help, supporting your child at home couldn’t be easier!

Top 5 benefits of this resource

  • Non French-speaking parents can read with and support their child in French
  • Material is at the appropriate level for Early French Immersion students
  • Reinforces learning of French vocabulary, letters and numbers
  • Audio component ensures accurate pronunciation
  • Stories, songs and games keep learning fun

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